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The Principle of Cause and Effect in Art

27 Oct 2023 - 7 Apr 2024
1/F, T. T. Tsui Building, UMAG, HKU, 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

The University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong is honoured to present COUPLET PAIR REBUS The Principle of Cause and Effect in Art. This exhibition explores the interplay of causality in art in multiple ways. From poem to poem, COUPLET presents itself as a place for reading, as a space of resonances. PAIR is dedicated to balance and symmetry. Here, pairs of artworks form a three-dimensional equilibrium. REBUS presents itself as a space of associations, forming a network of content-related references. The viewer’s task is to be inspired and to decipher the connections.

With poems, and works of art by:

Irene CHOU・David J. CLARKE・Christoph DAHLHAUSEN・DENG Chengxiu・DENG Shiru・DUAN Jianwei・Adrian FALKNER・FANG Zhaoling・FANG Zhiyong・Beat FELLER・Ian Hamilton FINLAY・FUNG Yee Lick Eric・HAN Wo・HUANG Shiling・JAO Tsung-i・JAT See Yeu・JIA Dao・Tobias KLEIN・LAI Jixi・LAM Man Kong・Robert LETTNER・LEUNG Kui Ting・Joseph LEUNG Mong Sum・LI Ki Kwok Victor・LI Jing・LI Zhanzhi・LIANG Qichao・LIAO Zenping・LIU Haisu・LU You・Thích NHAT HANH・Shirin NESHAT・POON Yeuk Fai・Mary Curtis RATCLIFF・Peter SCHLÖR・Debe SHAM・SHE Xueman・SHI Shuqing・Sim SHUM Kwan Yi・SONG Yonghong・Philipp STADLER・Herbert STAREK・SUN Xingge・TANG Yin・TING Yin Yung・TU Chen Tsui・WENG Tonghe・XIN Haizhou・YIK Yuet Sek・YUAN Jiagu・YUEN Hung Shue・ZHANG Huaqing・ZHANG Zhidong・JI Zigao・ZHU Ruzhen

and 88 generally symmetrical objects from the UMAG collection, ranging from neolithic earthenware to Nestorian crosses and wood carvings to papercuts.

This exhibition is supported by the University of Hong Kong Museum Society.


Please click here for details of public guided tours.

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