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Online Event

[SYMPOSIUM] Giuseppe Tucci, his adventurous life, and his scholarly legacy

Date:  5 Aug 2022 - 5 Aug 2022

An academic symposium co-organised by the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), Society of Fellows in the Humanities, Faculty of Arts of HKU, Italian Cultural Institute, and hosted by UMAG on 5 August 2022 (Online)


Giuseppe Tucci (1894–1984) was one of the few polymaths of the long twentieth century. His scholarship encompasses a wide range of topics that reach well beyond the narrow research field of Tibetology. Since then, the interest of a younger generations of Asian and foreign scholars in both religious and historical studies grew, and Tucci’s scholarly field continues to develop and to have impact in academia and beyond.


Bringing together scholars from across the world and from a perspective of cross-cultural exchange, our symposium aims to highlight Tucci’s lasting contribution to Buddhist studies, with a particular focus on his leading role in bridging the cultures of the West and East. We also hope to transcend the boundary between the academy and general public by analysing recent developments in Buddhist scholarship that have led to novel cultural as well as artistic expressions in an increasingly globalized world.


Join us for presentation of original and unpublished research on any topic related to Tucci, including his legendary career path, the translation and dissemination of his works in Asia, as well as the academic reassessment of his scholarly contribution. At the symposium, a group of nine scholars in Sinology, Tibetology, linguistics, art history, cross-cultural studies, and the history of the Silk Road discuss Tucci’s legacy, as well as the continuous relevance of his mode of research for today’s Western Buddhologists who follow in his footsteps by conducting fieldwork in Asian localities.


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