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Ceramics Painting Workshop (Blue-and-White Technique) [FULL]

Date:  23 Apr 2023 - 25 Jun 2023

Chinese blue-and-white porcelain is renowned for its distinctive appearance, which is achieved by painting intricate designs onto a white clay body with cobalt oxide before firing at high temperatures. To complement our current exhibition, Potted and Painted: The Production and Technical Development of Underglaze Blue Porcelain in China, UMAG is offering a blue-and-white ceramic painting workshop. Our instructor will demonstrate the process of colouring ceramics and guide you through a hands-on session where you can use cobalt blue to paint on the bisque.

All materials will be provided. Firing (HK$50—in addition to the registration fee) is mandatory for safety reasons. Participants will retrieve their finished work from the instructor’s studio. Further information regarding the schedule and logistics will be provided during the class.



Horace Hon Siu Chung earned his Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from the joint programme offered by the Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University in 2019. He is deeply interested in studying the cultural values of Guangcai and blue-and-white pottery—both forms of Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage—in order to transform traditional art into contemporary art. By examining the relationship between old and new cultures, and the possibilities that arise from this analysis, he reinterprets these elements into his own distinctive style.

Date | Time | Registration Deadline

23 April 2023 (Sun) | 3 pm–5 pm | 20 April 2023 [FULL]
29 April 2023 (Sat) | 3 pm–5 pm | 26 April 2023 [FULL]
30 April 2023 (Sun) | 3 pm–5 pm | 27 April 2023 [FULL]
6 May 2023 (Sat) | 3 pm–5 pm | 3 May 2023 [FULL]


Date | Time | Audience | Registration fee and material cost | Registration Deadline

27 May 2023 (Sat) | 3 pm–5 pm | Families# | HK$ 200 per group^ | 23 May 2023 [New session- FULL]
28 May 2023 (Sun) | 3 pm–5 pm | Teenagers and Adults* | HK$ 150 per person^ | 24 May 2023 [New session- FULL]
3 June 2023 (Sat) | 3 pm–5 pm | Teenagers and Adults* | HK$ 150 per person^ | 30 May 2023 [New session- FULL]
4 June 2023 (Sun) | 3 pm–5 pm | Teenagers and Adults* | HK$ 150 per person^ | 31 May 2023 [New session- FULL]


11 June 2023 (Sun) | 3 pm–5 pm | Families# | HK$ 200 per group^ | 9 June 2023 [New session- FULL]
24 June 2023 (Sat) | 3 pm–5 pm | Teenagers and Adults* | HK$ 150 per person^ | 22 June 2023 [New session- FULL]
25 June 2023 (Sun) | 3 pm–5 pm | Teenagers and Adults* | HK$ 150 per person^ | 22 June 2023 [New session- FULL]


#The family session is designed to accommodate 5 family pairs, each comprising one adult and one child (aged 8-13).
*Teenagers and Adults sessions are recommended for everyone aged 14 or above. The quota for each time slot is 11.

^Fee includes an 8.5-inch diameter plate (1 piece per group for family session) and all necessary tools and paint. Firing fee HK$50 to be paid separately in class.


Venue: Workshop Room, G/F, Fung Ping Shan Building, UMAG, HKU, 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam
Language: Cantonese
Audience: Suitable for beginners


Registration opens again on  5 June 2023. To register, please settle the corresponding course fee by online payment first, then email your completed application form to
All applications will be processed only when both the course fee and the completed form are received. Applications are confirmed upon receiving email from UMAG. The applicants may be requested to provide online payment receipt as proof.


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